2016 Venue

In order to inspire development, you need to quit your comfort zone.
In order to spark new ideas, you have to experience new places.
In order to grow, you need to take a look from other perspective.
In order to make something truly exceptional, you can’t do the same thing as everybody else.
That’s why Bitspiration Festival is moving to a different spot every year.

2016 is no different -  we took it extremely seriously while picking a proper place for Earth’s most exceptional tech festival. Browsing between classic conference halls, hip studios and old factories with ecological food markets we found The Place. This year Bitspiration Festival is going full industrial!

The event place is going to be MZA Hall - a vintage, urban bus depot, located in the heart of Żoliborz district. It’s located on Włościańska 52 Street - just by the Marymont metro station.

Why this venue?

Putting aside the obvious arguments such as spacious halls and convenient location, there’s one key argument to it. The truly unique ambience bringing the memories of 80’s socialist Poland couldn’t be the better contrast to the uprising CEE capital of innovation and tech revolution.

Buckle up for a bumpy ride in one of our vintage buses, because we’re going to take you both to the past and the future!

How to get there?

  • Plane or the unicorn - it’s 10 kilometers from Warsaw Chopin Airport
  • Train or the flying board - get to the Metro Marymont stop, it's only 5 minutes from the Warsaw Central Station
  • Public Transportation or rollerblades - head to Metro Marymont stop or bus stops close to it - here you will find the bus timetable

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