How much do you know about running your own company and what’s happening in the world of startups? You’re about to find out soon! This year on Bitspiration for the first time we’re giving you a chance, that you won’t have anywhere else. What if we told you, that you can take part in the biggest technology festival in Central Eastern Europe for free?


Sounds great! What can I get out of it?

  • A lot of quality content from the lectures led by specialist from world’s biggest tech companies

  • Finding an employer in a developed tech company who will appreciate your skills rather than your CV

  • Potential partners to develop your business idea

  • Opportunity to meet a lot of investors - if you run your own startup, there’s no better place for that!

  • Networking with the best experts in the field


Are you active in a student association?

That’s great - we appreciate people who do something meaningful! Tell us what do you do, why would you like to be a part of Bitspiration and how would you see our potential partnership.

Send an e-mail to Karolina with the answers to the questions above and your proposal - we’ll come back to you once we get it.