So, you are running a startup? 

Let us tell you something - you are in the right place.


Bitspiration is one of the key point on the map of many startup founders - becoming a milestone in success stories of a lot of companies, the festival can be a turning point also for you. How can you benefit from it?


When you apply as a startup through the form, we’re going to evaluate your application, giving you a chance to take a place in the Startup Alley. It’s a perfect place to hunt investors, coming together with a space where you can have 1on1 meetings with some of them.


This year we’re focusing the most on gathering the startups from CEE, and we want to give a chance to develop businesses in this region. When you apply as a startup you can have an opportunity not only to get a place in the Alley, but also get a significant discount for participating - maybe even taking a part in the event for free!


The more the merrier - we encourage you to bring your whole team, and we can prepare a special offer for you then. The event is about to get even bigger media coverage this year, gather bigger amount of investors than any other happening in CEE region and last but not least - be a lot of fun for everybody crazy about innovations in technology.


In greater detail - here are some numbers:

  • The best chosen startups among the ones who applied get the place in startup alley for free. As an addition, we give 3 entry tickets to the lucky ones.
  • Each startup in the second group gets 3 tickets for Bitspiration Festival - free of charge.
  • Other startups get 3 tickets for the price of 1 offer.


Are you with us?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Drop a line to Joanna!