Mathijs Koper


Mathijs Koper (1980) is one of the co-founders of World Startup Factory and managing director of Outside Inc. He has a passion for impact-driven technology, corporate entrepreneurship and startup acceleration. Based on his entrepreneurial experience of the last 15 years he is an initiator and expert for corporates and startups who aim for a next level in shared new business development.


World Startup Factory (WSF) offers acceleration programs to startups with impact-driven solutions and convincing business models. WSF aims to create value for all involved stakeholders by the accelerated growth of the selected startups. Interested to know more about World Startup Factory? @wstartupfactory


Outside Inc. is a corporate entrepreneurship agency that deliversideation, incubation and acceleration programs to re-invent traditional business and grow new business. They are experts in creating programs for cross-overs between large corporations and start-ups to solve today’s societal challenges and create new business  @tsideinc