Justyna Kisielewicz

Justyna Kisielewicz is a successful artist and entrepreneur. She received her undergraduate degree in American Studies and graduate degree in Political Science from University of Warsaw. In 2011 she graduated with distinction in Painting in Leon Tarasewicz's studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She is one of the best selling and exciting break through artists in Europe that uses social media to connect with art collectors. Her art work is in high demand and is appreciated by leading global art collectors. In 2015 she had a sold-out show at Bash Contemporary located in San Francisco, California. This year she will also have solo shows in Sydney, Australia at Friends of Leon Gallery and in Salzburg, Austria at Galerie Sandhoffer. In 2016 she is opening with a solo show in Berlin in Galerie Villa Koeppe. She is on Twitter @jkisielewicz and Instagram @justynakisielewicz