Tytus Cytowski

Tytus Cytowski is an attorney, entrepreneur and founder of Cytowski LLC, an elite law firm with offices in NYC, San Francisco and Poland. He represents startup clients at all stages of their life cycle, from incorporation to exit, with an emphasis on working with cross-border founders and entrepreneurs establishing their ventures in US and American investors investing non-US based companies. Tytus has worked closely with technology companies in seed, angel and VC financings and mergers and acquisitions. His Polish based clients have included Kontact.io, Tylko, Woolet, Swimmo, Clime, Infermedica, Husarion, Indie Designers, Presspad, Polidea, Quantum Labs, Filmaster and Innovation Nest. Tytus is also involved in the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) implementation process in Poland as US law expert in the Polish Bank Association (ZBP) FATCA working group. Tytus Cytowski has law degree from Harvard Law School (LLM 05) and is member of the New York State bar. Tytus spends his tim e between NYC, San Francisco and Poland.