2016 Speakers

Get to know the ones who’s gonna rock Bitspiration stage this year! And hey - you’ll be able to talk to them personally on the spot!

  • Kamil Adamczyk

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Intelclinic

  • Dominik Andrzejczuk

    Associate at Morado Venture Partners

  • Ethan James Appleby

    Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Vango

  • Tina Baker

    Co-Founder at JAG Shaw Baker, Artist and Songwriter

  • Magdalena Beauchamp

    Economist and European Affairs Specialist

  • Marta Bellon

    Journalist at Business Insider Polska

  • Marcin Blacha

    Story Director at CD PROJEKT RED

  • Michał Borkowski

    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Brainly

  • Stanisław Bręczewski

    Strategy Ducky at White Ducky

  • Jan Cieślikiewicz

    Principal and Owner at Jan Cieslikiewicz Ventures

  • Brandon Cohen

    Vice President - People at Schibsted Media Group

  • Mattia Corbetta

    Italian Ministry of Economic Development

  • Tytus Cytowski

    Founding partner of Cytowski LLC

  • Tomasz Czechowicz

    Managing Partner, MCI Management SA

  • Filip Dębowski

    Communication Manager at hub:raum

  • Andrii Degeler

    Tech journalist at The Next Web

  • Karolina Demianczuk

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Spontime

  • Neil Devani

    General Counsel of Rothenberg Ventures

  • Taso Du Val

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Toptal

  • Steve Gillmor

    Head of Technical Media Strategy at salesforce.com

  • Tina Gillmor

    Independent Online Media Professional

  • Piotr Gnyp

    Chief Content Officer at Kinguin

  • Tomasz Gop

    Game Designer at CI Games in Warsaw

  • Jan Habermann

    Founding Partner at Credo Ventures

  • Rafał Han

    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at Silvair

  • Olga Jakubowska

    Vice-President and Co-founder at Gripit

  • Justyna Kisielewicz

    Artist & entrepreneur at Justyna Kisielewicz Studio

  • Mathijs Koper

    Executive Director at World Startup Factory

  • Lenard Koschwitz

    Director for European Affairs at Allied for Startups

  • Agata Kowalska

    Partner at Chabasiewicz Kowalska i Partners

  • Eliza Kruczkowska

    Chief Executive Officer at Startup Poland

  • Marta Krupinska

    General Manager & Co-Founder at Azimo

  • Jakub Krzych

    Co-Founder & CEO of Estimote, Inc.

  • Artur Kurasiński

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer at MUSE

  • Agata Kurek

    Founder & Manager at KOKO design

  • Dan Lyons

    Novelist, Journalist & Screenwriter

  • Michal Marcinkowski

    Game Creator at Transhuman Design

  • Szymon Niemczura

    Co-founder and CEO at Kontakt.io

  • Magdalena Olczak

    Projects, Content Manager EMIS

  • Michał Olszewski

    Vice President of City of Warsaw

  • Przemysław Paczos

    National Centre for Research and Development

  • Maria Palmieri

    Head of Tech Nation Visa Scheme at Tech City UK

  • Paul Papadimitriou

    Founder, Intelligencr || BITSPIRATION HOST

  • Marcin Piątkowski

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer at JIVR

  • Rafał Plutecki

    Head of Google Campus Warsaw

  • Rivo Riistop

    Data Analyst at Startup Estonia

  • Michał Sadowski

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Brand24

  • Peter Sage

    International & Serial Entrepreneur

  • Yaron Schwarcz

    Founder and CEO of Tridom: Robotic Construction

  • Marcin Smolinski

    Chief Executive Officer at Toolbox for HR

  • Stuart Soffer

    Advisor - Intellectual Property At IPriori Inc.

  • Kinga Stanislawska

    Managing Partner at Experior Venture Fund

  • Tomasz Sulewski

    Corporate Projects Manager at Orange Poland

  • John Sung Kim

    Evangelist at DoctorBase (acquired by Kareo)

  • Patrycja Szostakowska

    Head of Human Resources at Brainly

  • Andrzej Targosz

    Founder & CEO at PROIDEA & Eventory

  • Lucyna Warda

    Chief Operating Officer in Get Funded sp. z o.o.

  • Ingrid Willems

    Member of the Board of Directors of Startups.be

  • Tadeusz Zielinski

    PR/MKT/Evangelist at Flying Wild Hog