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Official Opening Ceremony
Eliza Kruczkowska (Chief Executive Officer at Startup Poland),
Michał Olszewski (Vice President of City of Warsaw),
Paul Papadimitriou (Founder, Intelligencr || BITSPIRATION HOST),
Andrzej Targosz (Founder & CEO at PROIDEA & Eventory)
From the entertainment business to the future of technology
Tytus Cytowski (Founding partner of Cytowski LLC),
Steve Gillmor (Head of Technical Media Strategy at salesforce.com),
Tina Gillmor (Independent Online Media Professional )
5 Myths About Working at a Startup
Dan Lyons (Novelist, Journalist & Screenwriter)
Career-preneurship: Sustainable Careers
Stuart Soffer (Advisor - Intellectual Property At IPriori Inc.)
The Future of Work
Taso Du Val (Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Toptal)
Power you startup with Campus Warsaw
Rafał Plutecki (Head of Google Campus Warsaw)
Lunch Break & Tina Baker Concert
From artist and songwriter to lawyer to Seedcamp
Tina Baker (Co-Founder at JAG Shaw Baker, Artist and Songwriter),
Tytus Cytowski (Founding partner of Cytowski LLC)
Going Global - What Silicon Valley VCs look for when Investing in Companies Abroad.
Dominik Andrzejczuk (Associate at Morado Venture Partners)
One does not simply do the succesfull marketing worldwide. They do.
Paul Papadimitriou (Founder, Intelligencr || BITSPIRATION HOST),
Michał Sadowski (Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Brand24)
Seed funding - do's and don'ts from the investor point of view
Kinga Stanislawska (Managing Partner at Experior Venture Fund)
Hardware startups die hard in CEE. Why and how to solve it?
Kamil Adamczyk (Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Intelclinic),
Marcin Piątkowski (Founder & Chief Executive Officer at JIVR),
Andrzej Targosz (Founder & CEO at PROIDEA & Eventory)
Fireside chat: VC interviewing founder about ups and downs of running a fast growing startup
Jan Habermann (Founding Partner at Credo Ventures),
Szymon Niemczura (Co-founder and CEO at Kontakt.io)
Hire. Keep. Grow.
Brandon Cohen (Vice President - People at Schibsted Media Group),
Marcin Smolinski (Chief Executive Officer at Toolbox for HR),
Patrycja Szostakowska (Head of Human Resources at Brainly)
MCI Capital – European Leading Growth Capital Firm with Passion for Digital Transformation
Tomasz Czechowicz (Managing Partner, MCI Management SA)
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