Seeking for startup female founders!

May 16, 2016

We are back with huge followup of our Women’s Day action!

During one day, over 300 women have applied to attend Bitspiration 2016. CEO’s, engineers, managers, developers and founders among them! That is a clear proof, that there is a lot of women in startup industry - the women who create it and inspire it! Bitspiration was created with the aim of inspiration and contribution to the startup community in CEE, so we cannot leave this fact speechles! That’s why...

We are looking for a female founders success stories!



Tell us your story briefly:

  • what’s your startup all about

  • why it is cool to be a startuper in your opinion

  • your biggest business succes

  • your biggest personal success

Why would you do that?

  • to win a Bitspiration ticket, where you will meet tens of investors and mentors. You cna use it on your own or share with someone, if you already have one!

  • to become a role model for other women - we will prepare a publication with 15-20 best stories that will serve as inspiration for other women

  • you will tell the world about your startup - thanks to our promotional support


Then tell us your story by sending an email to by the end of May. We will pick the best stories to be put in the publication and will pass Bitspiration tickets for your startup member. And that’s only the beginning of the magic...

We are calling on you together with Female Founders Poland and Sukces Pisany Szminką!




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