Meet our Polish Female Founders Role Models!


Bitspiration Festival 2016 is over, but its impact is still visible! This year over 40% of our attendees were women! CEO’s, developers, Co-Founders, some brave ones who just quited job and came to us to get inspired! We could not let people forget about this phenomenon and we decided to show our wonderful Polish startup women to the world!



Meet first 10 Female Founders Role Models, who are here to inspire other women to stand out and speak loud about their successes!


The list is not closed - we are working on adding another resourceful women here, so anytime anyone feels like inviting them to be a speaker at a business conference - you will find them here!


If you have any questions about the list, contact us. 


Welcome first Polish Female Founders Role Models and get inspired! :)




Marta Krupińska: Being a Polish expat let Marta experience how challenging sending money home can be. She joined Michael Kent in 2012 to co-found Azimo and change the way people living abroad send money to their family. Marta was recognized as one of Europe’s 30 Under 30 for Finance, one of 100 most important Women in Fintech in 2014 and one of 10 most important Polish Businesswomen in 2015. She holds a Masters in Organisational Psychology from Jagiellonian University in Poland and a Management degree from Columbia Business School.


Azimo is an online remittance service, with the mission to send money transfers faster, simpler and easier to understand. Customers are able to transfer money via the Azimo website or smartphone app to more than 190 countries in over 80 different currencies within minutes and for one of the most competitive prices on the market. In the past two years, the company has seen 100 per cent growth in personnel, raised $46million in Series A and B funding and is amongst the fastest-growing fintech companies in Europe.



Karolina Bołądź is an expert in such fields as marketing, business models and strategies of introducing innovative products to the market. She was responsible for extremely successful  promotion of Zortrax Kickstarter campaign, that allowed Zortrax to get first 180k for the first line of their printers. Her current focus is transformation of Zortrax multipotentialite team into being an upcoming disruptor on the world 3D printing market.


Zortrax is one of the pre-eminent brands in the 3D printing industry today, rapidly growing from humble beginnings on Kickstarter into one of the most important additive manufacturing companies in Europe. Currently Zortrax is one of leading manufacturers of professional 3D printing solutions to business markets, which sells in 50 countries on 6 continents.



Dorota Zys is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in website design, CRO, and digital marketing consultancy. To date, she has advised professionals from various industries and trained over 100 companies in Inbound Marketing principles and their application to various types of businesses. In her education and career she has pursued many paths which she now integrates to develop and manage online projects. She has completed postgraduate studies in the field of Internet and Mobile Applications.


SaaS genius is a SaaS companies directory comprising business software reviews and comparisons. SaaS vendors are using SaasGenius to gain visibility and grow their businesses by lead generation, partnership development, and co-marketing programs management. It’s a service helping businesses easily discover, compare and choose the right software for their business. Users are supported with a recommendation engine, trusted product reviews, easy comparison, white papers and more to help find the best match for their business.



Monika Kania is a graduate of the International Management/Economics at Europa University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Germany). Manager with operations and finance management experience as well  in international corporation as in  e-commerce companies, currently the CEO in Xchanger. She is passionate about new technologies focused on digitalisation in finance. Her currenct mission is to transform Xchanger into an international  service enabling to business and individuals from CEE to compare and book a money transfer with one click at the same low fees as local transfers. Member of the Programm Board of the Digital Congress CEE 2016. 


Xchanger is an online multi-broker currency exchange service enabling to find the best way to send money abroad or exchange for own needes. Customers can  compare and book the best currency exchange offers by web and mobile app and save up to 25 % on each transaction. Xchanger’s aim is to make currency exchange transparent, easy and cheap. Soon available also in UK and Germany.


Katarzyna Ciupa has gathered her international business experience through leading and participating in consulting projects done for various business partners from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. She holds a prestigious CEMS MIM Diploma from Vienna University of Economics and Business and achieved double Master Degree (Corporate Finance and Project Management) at Warsaw School of Economics. Currently, additionally to being a Ribbon Synthetic Biolabs founder and CEO, she is involved in strategy development process for one of the leading investment banks in CEE.


Ribbon Synthetic Biolabs is the first Europe-based startup that delivers purpose-built genetic solutions for the current and upcoming synthetic biology challenges. Their aim is to provide custom long synthetic DNA sequences and genomic libraries (of minimum lenghts of 1000 bp and up to 100.000 bp), on demand at groundbreaking market prices (at least 1000x cheaper) and speed of product delivery (in few hours).



Monika Żochowska is an entrepreneur with vast knowledge about diamonds in the rough - literally. Previously educating and supporting investors in building their alternative financial portfolio in diamonds, currently the CEO of Phenicoptere ran together with Ewa Dudzic. During her internship in plastic surgery clinic in Tasmania she discovered a vast range of possibilities given by microfibers, which led to create their best selling make-up removal product: Glov.


Phenicoptere is first international company specialising on using microfibers in cosmetics that recently has entered the global market. It’s main product, Glov is a unique make-up removal glove, allowing using only water to completely wash off the make-up without effort. Currently it’s available in almost 40 countries and was widely recognised by numerous experts.



Olga Malinkiewicz is a scientist who has contributed to the development of low-temperature technology of flexible perovskite-based photovoltaic cells production. Olga’s discovery, made at the University of Valencia, has changed photovoltaics for good. Olga is the first Polish woman who received the title„Innovator of the Year” in a prestigious competition „Innovators Under 35”.


SAULE Technologies is one of the first companies in the world who works on commercial use of perovskites in the production of ultra-thin and flexible photovoltaic cells. The technology delivered by SAULE allows to significantly reduce the energy costs.  SAULE’s main goal is to develop the technology which can integrate perovskites with the existing products.



Ela Madej is a serial entrepreneur, impact investor and Y Combinator alum working in tech since 2006. She invests in purpose+profit businesses with She also runs the community of techies who want to combine purpose with profit - they do monthly meetups in San Francisco. Most recently, she was a partner at Eastern Europe's leading early stage VC Innovation Nest and a COO at Y Combinator backed Amicus. Before that Ela has co-founded Base CRM (B2B SaaS, raised $54M and doing well), Applicake (acquired) and European Rails Conference Railsberry. She has also started the Polish startup community Hive53.


BASE is a CRM platform working in B2B SaaS model, that so far has raised $54 million in funding. Aimed to be the most insightful and intuitive CRM platform, it provides a complementary set of powerful sales tools, available in both mobile and desktop version of the system. With its powerful features, customer service and user experience BASE stands out in the competitive market of CRM products.



Zuzanna Stańska: Art historian, founder at Moiseum and DailyArt. Fascinated about using emerging technologies in museums, in 2014 took 13th place in BRIEF’s „50 most creative people in business” ranking. Received Young Creative Entrepreneur Award in Culture category, mentioned on “New Europe Top 100 Challengers” list made by Visegard Fund, Google, Financial Times and Res Publika, Alumni at Blackbox Connect.


Moiseum is a creative consultancy for museums which combines modern technologies with creative ideas and bring audiences closer to the museums. Since 2012 among it's clients are the biggest and leading Polish cultural institutions. DailyArt is a mobile app beloved by thousands of users, presenting one piece of art with a story every day.



Izabela Anna Zawisza – company co-founder and head of R&D Laboratory at KF Niccolum; PhD in the field of biophysics, co-inventor of 3 patent applications, including innovative cosmeceuticals against nickel allergy symptoms, which are expected to improve the quality of life of nickel allergy sufferers. Interested in neurodegenerative diseases and drug design. Currently focused on innovations in the areas of pharmaceutics, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Enthusiast of health and civilization problems solutions via innovative research projects. Deeply interested in the Australian start-up market and in Polish-Australian scientific cooperation.


KF Niccolum's mission is to solve health and civilization problems via innovative research projects. KF Niccolum is primarily focused on innovations in the pharmaceutics, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. The company was founded in May 2015 by the initiative of Dr. Izabela Zawisza. The company currently focuses on innovative cosmeceuticals dedicated to nickel allergy sufferers, based on active substances which have been designed and patented by Dr. Izabela Zawisza and Prof. Wojciech Bal in the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.